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Good Dance Since1984 is a multi-faceted dance performance company that represents grace, poise, power, athleticism, strength, and most of all, art at its finest. We use unique elements of dance infused with composition, improvisation, contemporary and classical techniques. 


Our versatility and work ethic aspires to inspire and motivate, young artists while keeping them engaged in cultural programming and performing arts. Essentially, our goal is to  bridge the gap between pre-professional dancers, the collegiate dancer and the Professional dancer in dance world.   In addition to performing live works, Good Dance  educates by providing  professional dance training, performance opportunities, dance history, and a creative space for  pre-professionals and professional dancers to thrive.

We offer Private Classes, Intensive Workshops, Master Classes, College Mentoring, Company Apprenticeships, Small Pre-Registered Group Classes (covid-19 guidelines) Personal Choreography, Competitive Choreography, Performances and more. 

We have 2 divisions of Good Dance: Pre-Professional & Professional. Each dedicated to the empowerment of the dancer.


Our belief is that dance starts with a feeling, ends with an action, and lives in the soul.


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